Anita Hill

Attorney, Educator and Advocate for Women’s Rights

Dr. Hill keeps alive the legacy she bravely began in the early 1990s. She inspires the hundreds of students whom she has taught as University Professor at Brandeis and thousands more who follow her example in creating a better society in America. As long as women and minorities face discrimination in the U.S., for Anita Hill, there is more work to be done.

    Tara Westover

    Author, Educated: A Memoir

    Tara Westover, one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People this year, is an American historian and writer known for her unique and courageous education journey. She was born to Mormon survivalist parents opposed to public education. Tara never attended school. She spent her days working in her father’s junkyard or stewing herbs for her mother. Until Tara decided to get education and experience the world outside of her community.

      Marilyn Albrecht

      Counselor | Title IX Investigator | Gender Equity Center Coordinator, Housatonic Community College

      Marilyn A. Albrecht, M.S.W., is a Counselor, Title IX investigator and the Gender Equity Center Coordinator at Housatonic Community College. Her current role at the College focuses on prevention program development and implementation, Title IX investigations, and individual wellness counseling.

        Elizabeth Bille

        Senior Director of Impact & Education, EVERFI

        Elizabeth Bille is an employment law attorney and currently serves as the subject matter expert on the prevention of harassment and discrimination in the workplace for EVERFI.

          Fran’Cee Brown-McClure

          Dean of Students, Spelman College

          Dr. Fran’Cee Brown-McClure is Dean of Students at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. She serves as a bridge between the student body and the College administration.

            Rob Buelow

            Vice President, Impact & Education, EVERFI

            Rob serves as the Vice President of Impact & Education at EVERFI where he oversees prevention research, designs and delivers consultative training, and supports the development of EVERFI’s leading online training programs.

              Molly Burke

              Customer Success Manager, EVERFI

              Molly is incredibly passionate about the work that she does to support institutions across the country with their prevention and compliance efforts around critical wellness issues.

                Khirin Carter

                Prevention Manager, Graduate Programs, UC Berkeley PATH to Care Center

                Khirin earned a BS in Psychology and BA in Criminal Justice from Grambling State University, as well as her MA in Sociology, with an emphasis on educational inequality and criminology. In her current role, Khirin designs, implements, and evaluates primary prevention programming utilizing a social justice lens and community-based approaches for graduate and professional students.

                  Linda Chamiec-Case

                  Program Assistant, UNC-Chapel Hill Student Wellness

                  Linda has worked in the areas of sexual health education and interpersonal violence prevention and response for over six years in community-based and university settings. While working at UNC-CH Student Wellness, Linda designed, implemented, and evaluated curricula and messaging on healthy relationships, social norms, violence prevention, and sexual health.

                    Craig Chanoff

                    President of Higher Education, EVERFI

                    Craig has more than 20 years of executive leadership and technology experience. He led several roles as part of the Blackboard Executive team for 15 years, where he oversaw their Student Lifecycle Services business for 7 years and grew it to more than $60MM of annual revenue.

                      Michelle Chin

                      Customer Success Manager, EVERFI

                      Michelle grew up outside the Big Apple on Long Island, New York. From there, she shipped up to Boston and went to Babson College to pursue her degree in Business Administration with a focus on social entrepreneurship.

                        Vernique Coleman-Stokes

                        Director of the Center for Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources and Education, University of Dayton

                        Vernique Coleman-Stokes serves as the inaugural Director of the Center for Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources and Education at the University of Dayton. The center delivers science-based risk-reduction prevention education, intervention services, and recovery support.

                          Sarah Colomé

                          Director of the Women’s Resources Center, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

                          As the Director of the Women’s Resources Center, Sarah is responsible for improving the campus climate for women-identified campus community members, while catalyzing the development of their personal and professional selves.

                            Briana Conway

                            CARE Director, UC Santa Barbara

                            Briana Conway, is the Director of Campus Advocacy Resources, and Education (CARE) at UC Santa Barbara. Briana holds a BS in Public Health and a MBA in Healthcare Administration and has been the sexual violence profession both as a survivor advocate and prevention educator since 2010.

                              Mary Jo Desprez

                              Director Wolverine Wellness, University of Michigan

                              Mary Jo has worked in the field of college health/wellness for 30+ years. She currently leads a team of public health and higher education professionals that provide leadership for student wellness initiatives that focus on personal and community well-being.

                                Tana Fedewa

                                Director of Michigan State University Sexual Assault Program, Michigan State University

                                Tana Fedewa is a clinical social worker specializing in trauma. She is the Director of the Michigan State University Sexual Assault Program.

                                  Gina Firth

                                  Associate Dean of Wellness, University of Tampa

                                  Gina Firth, MA, NBCC, is the Associate Dean of Wellness at The University of Tampa and provides leadership and functional responsibility for all wellness programming on campus, including Campus Recreation, Health/Counseling Services and Wellness Services, including AOD programming and services.

                                    Tom Fontana

                                    BASICS Program Coordinator, University of Vermont

                                    Tom is the BASICS Program Coordinator at the University of Vermont. BASICS is designed to assist students in exploring theirrelationship with substance use in a shame free environment. Goals are formed by the student with the aim of increasing authentic connections. Tomreceived his Master's in Counseling is a Licensed Drug & Alcohol Counselor and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

                                      Todd Gibbs

                                      Assistant Director for Health Improvement, Dartmouth

                                      Todd is a licensed professional counselor and student affairs practitioner who has spent the bulk of his post-grad school career designing cross-disciplinary initiatives that promote student well-being and self-authorship. His portfolio of work has included the development of several strengths-based coaching programs that have produced significant positive student well-being outcomes.

                                        Tom Hall

                                        Associate Director, Medical Health Administration, University of Central Florida

                                        Dr. Hall has over 26 years of experience providing substance abuse and mental health treatment. He has focused on substance use disorders prevention in higher education settings since 2000.

                                          Phillip Herndon

                                          Customer Success Manager, EVERFI

                                          Phillip leads the wellness products at EVERFI, the leading edtech company that provides scalable digital real-world education for millions of students of all ages. His background is in creating products and digital outreach strategy for nonprofits, educational institutions and corporations.

                                            Jennifer Hirsch

                                            Professor of Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University

                                            Jennifer S. Hirsch, a medical anthropologist and Professor of Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia University, co-directs the Sexual Health Initiative to Foster Transformation (SHIFT), a research project on sexual assault and sexual health among Columbia undergraduates.

                                              Matt Huffman

                                              Public Affairs Director, Missouri Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

                                              Matthew Huffman is the Public Affairs Director at MCADSV and joined the staff in 2012 as a Program Development Specialist with a focus on prevention programming.

                                                Jennifer Jacobsen

                                                Director of Wellness & Prevention at Grinnell College

                                                Jen Jacobsen has worked in higher education for 21 years as a coach, health promotion specialist, and a "jill of all trades".

                                                  Will Jones III

                                                  Communications and Outreach Associate

                                                  Coming from a legacy of civil rights leaders in Washington, D.C, Will Jones serves as the Communications and Outreach Associate at SAM. He is an experienced speaker and community activist working on issues of social justice at the local and national level.

                                                    Kelley Kimple

                                                    Director of the Office of Diversity Affairs, Miami University

                                                    Dr. Kelley Kimple is Director of the Office of Diversity Affairs and chair of the Implementation Workgroup for the Everfi Student DEI module at Miami University. She has worked in the Student Affairs field for 17 years, amassing experience in Residence Life and Multicultural /Diversity Affairs. Dr. Kimple is passionate about working with college students, primarily underrepresented and marginalized groups, in order to provide them with the type of support she was able to receive during her time

                                                      Ruth Anne Koenick

                                                      Former Director, Office of Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (Retired) Rutgers University-New Brunswick

                                                      Ruth Anne Koenick, has worked in the field of violence against women for over 45 years.

                                                        Terry Koons

                                                        Associate Director, Campus Involvement Center, Ohio University

                                                        Terry Koons has been in the field of higher education prevention for 22 years. Terry has been at Ohio University for the past 17 and currently supervises the Office of Health Promotion in the Campus Involvement Center.

                                                          Kali Lantrip

                                                          Psychologist; Interpersonal Violence Specialist, UC Santa Barbara

                                                          Dr. Lantrip completed her B.A. at UC Berkeley and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. She completed her pre-doctoral and postdoctoral training at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) with an emphasis in working with students who experienced child abuse, sexual assault and dating violence.

                                                            James Larcus

                                                            Project Manager for Strategic Initiatives, University of Denver

                                                            James Larcus, MA, serves as the Project Manager for Strategic Initiatives at the Health and Counseling Center at the University of Denver. In this role, he supports holistic well-being initiatives across the Division of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence.

                                                              Jenna LaRiviere

                                                              Customer Success Manager, Higher Education - EVERFI

                                                              Jenna LaRiviere is a Customer Success Manager with a passion for helping partners to create safe, healthy campus communities where their students, faculty, and staff can thrive. She’s committed to providing partners with the resources and best practice strategies they need to achieve their implementation goals.

                                                                Viviane Linos

                                                                Interpersonal Violence Prevention Programs Coordinator, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

                                                                As a gender studies scholar, Viviane brings a passion for integrating feminist, social justice, and human rights theorizing into her work as Interpersonal Violence Prevention Programs Coordinator at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

                                                                  Sarah Lipson

                                                                  Assistant Professor, Boston University

                                                                  Sarah Ketchen Lipson is an assistant professor in the Department of Health Law Policy and Management. Her research focuses on adolescent and young adult mental health, particularly in college student populations. She is co-Principal Investigator of the national Healthy Minds Study, an annual survey of college student mental health.

                                                                    Laura Luciano

                                                                    Associate Director, Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistnce- Rutgers University- Camden

                                                                    Laura Luciano has worked for Rutgers University for 18 years. Her work focuses on addressing the prevention and Intervention of gender and power based violence. She is the Associate Director for the VPVA Office on the Camden Campus. Laura also teaches in the School of Social work.

                                                                      Angie Lusk

                                                                      Program Director, Student Affairs Wellness Initiatives, Carnegie Mellon University

                                                                      Angie Lusk partners with faculty, students and staff to enhance quality of life at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). She leads campus wide training, aids curricular development, oversees mindfulness and meditation initiatives, and centralizes communication about wellness opportunities.

                                                                        Molly Marcotte

                                                                        Sexual Violence Lead, NC Campus Consortium & NC Rape Prevention Education Program Evaluator

                                                                        Molly Marcotte serves as Sexual Violence (SV) Lead for the NC Campus Consortium and chairs the NC SV Prevention Advisory Council’s Campus Workgroup. She oversees evaluation of the North Carolina Rape Prevention Education (NC RPE) Program, and provides research and evaluation technical assistance to the RPE subrecipient cohort.

                                                                          Kayce Matthews

                                                                          Director, Coalition for Healthy & Safe Campus Communities (CHASCo)

                                                                          Kayce Matthews joined CHASCo with over 10 years of experience in prevention and advocacy work. Previously, Kayce worked for the TN Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence. In this role, she founded the TN Campus Prevention Project.

                                                                            Erin McClintock

                                                                            Senior Director of Impact & Education, EVERFI

                                                                            Erin McClintock is a strength-based mental health counselor with over a decade of experience in the field of social-emotional learning. As EVERFI’s mental health subject matter expert, Erin critically explores the issues of mental health and well-being and their intersectionality with sexual assault, substance use, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Erin holds a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and completed her post-Master’s education in trauma and addiction studies.

                                                                              Kevin McDonald

                                                                              Vice Chancellor for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity - University of Missouri and Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer- University of Missouri System

                                                                              Kevin McDonald is the University of Missouri System’s Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion officer, and the University of Missouri’s Vice Chancellor for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity. He joined both organizations after serving as vice president and associate provost for diversity and inclusion at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

                                                                                Julie Millisky

                                                                                Program Coordinator, Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance, Rutgers University – Camden

                                                                                Julie educates hundreds of students about prevention of interpersonal violence and dating violence, as well as Bystander Intervention. She became passionate about empowering survivors and preventing violence while earning her bachelor’s and Master of Public Administration degrees at the University of Delaware.

                                                                                  Norm Pollard

                                                                                  Dean of Students, Alfred University

                                                                                  Dr. Norm Pollard has professional interests that include effecting positive change to promote campus culture, student development issues, and educating students about hazing. Norm has appeared on all the major news networks to represent Alfred University's landmark studies on "Initiation Rites and Athletics" and "Initiation Rites in American High Schools".

                                                                                    JP Przewoznik

                                                                                    Director of Prevention and Evaluation, North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault

                                                                                    JP Przewoznik, MSW, is a trainer, technical assistance provider, practitioner and program evaluator with over 20 years of experience working with and within LGBTQ+ and women’s communities.

                                                                                      Holly Rider-Milkovich

                                                                                      Senior Director of Impact & Education, EVERFI

                                                                                      Holly is a Senior Director of Impact & Education at EVERFI. Previously, Holly directed the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center at the University of Michigan.

                                                                                        David Rivera

                                                                                        Associate Professor & Advisor, Queens College-City University of New York & The Steve Fund

                                                                                        Dr. David P. Rivera is an associate professor of counselor education at Queens College-City University of New York. Dr. Rivera’s research and practice focuses on cultural competency development and his co-edited book, Microaggression Theory: Influence and Implications, was released in 2019.

                                                                                          Peter Rives

                                                                                          Assistant Director of Wellbeing, Wake Forest University

                                                                                          Peter has served as the Assistant Director of Wellbeing at Wake Forest University for the past 3 years following 16 years in public behavioral health services, programming, and policy work. In his role at Wake Forest is responsible for alcohol and other drug education and prevention efforts, intervention services, and recovery supports programming.

                                                                                            Inam Sakinah

                                                                                            Founder and Executive Chair, Power of WE

                                                                                            Inam Sakinah is the Founder and Executive Chair of Power of WE, a groundbreaking, student-led diversity and inclusion initiative aiming to counter polarization and catalyze innovation by cultivating a campus culture of engagement across different perspectives and life experiences.

                                                                                              Kelly Schweda

                                                                                              Prevention, Outreach and Education Department Director, Michigan State University

                                                                                              Kelly Schweda is the Director Outreach and Education Department at Michigan State University. She has worked in the field of domestic and sexual violence survivor services and prevention for the majority of her career.

                                                                                                Elizabeth Shang

                                                                                                Customer Success Manager, EVERFI

                                                                                                Elizabeth is a Customer Success Manager at Everfi, where she works with universities across the country to implement prevention education programs. Elizabeth comes to Everfi with a wide range of experience across the education sector, including as a teacher, curriculum developer, and education technology project manager.

                                                                                                  Catherine Spear

                                                                                                  Associate Vice President, Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights, University of Virginia

                                                                                                  Catherine Spear leads the University of Virgina’s Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights (EOCR). EOCR’s mission is to ensure equal opportunity and to protect the civil rights of all faculty, staff, and students through proactive outreach and education and the effective resolution of complaints.

                                                                                                    Joan Tabachnick

                                                                                                    Department of Justice Fellowship, SMART Office

                                                                                                    Over 25 years, Joan Tabachnick has developed educational materials and innovative prevention programs for national, state and local organizations. Her primary focus is on preventing the perpetration of sexually harmful behaviors, particularly in adolescents and young adults.

                                                                                                      Kimberly Timpf

                                                                                                      Senior Director of Impact & Education, EVERFI

                                                                                                      Ms. Timpf has more than 20 years experience in the college alcohol and other drug prevention field, having worked at both public and private universities.

                                                                                                        Reonda Washington

                                                                                                        Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist, University Health Services at University of Wisconsin Madison

                                                                                                        Reonda is Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist at University Health Services at University of Wisconsin Madison.

                                                                                                          Jewell Winn

                                                                                                          Senior Int'l Officer and Diversity Officer, Tennessee State University

                                                                                                          Dr. Jewell Green Winn has over thirty-five years of experience in education. She provides leadership to the office of International Affairs at Tennessee State University as the Senior International Officer, Deputy Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership.

                                                                                                            Jay Wilgus

                                                                                                            Principal, Klancy Street, LLC

                                                                                                            Jay Wilgus is a lawyer, mediator, educator, consultant, and facilitator who serves as Principal at Klancy Street, LLC – a specialized law, consulting and dispute resolution firm focusing on higher education.

                                                                                                              Quincy Wright

                                                                                                              Customer Success Manager, EVERFI

                                                                                                              Before joining EVERFI as a CSM, Quincy spent five years at his alma mater working in undergraduate admissions where he recruited and selected students from the Northern California Area. He's thrilled to support institutions of all sizes build out high quality prevention programming on their campuses!